Civil & Surveying

Save time and resources by capturing survey data in hours instead of days and provide more intelligent output for export from data extraction. BIM (Building Information Modeling) can help you anticipate issues, assess information, and act more confidently, with improved insights at each stage of your surveying and civil engineering projects.

  • a construction engineer measuring a freeway construction site.

    Reimagining Land Development

    Industry Context A growing population, coupled with global urbanization trends, is emphasizing the importance of land development—better referred to as site development—in support of infrastructure projects. Today, more people live in...

  • Drone and tablet reality capture

    Foresight: Land Surveying Reimagined

    As surveyors, our “foresight” is the last reading taken before changing the instrument to the next position. It is something our profession has done for over 4700 years dating back to the Egyptians, the first practicing professional...