Civil Structural Engineering

Anticipate issues and assess information throughout your project with BIM (Building Information Modeling). Design and build bridges and tunnels with better predictability and less rework. 3D parametric design and modeling enable teams to more quickly determine the preferred solution and virtually build the project before ground is ever broken. Developing advanced visuals, simulating performance, and creating construction documentation are byproducts of the BIM process.

  • InfraWorks Bridge
  • Update: What’s New in InfraWorks (2018.1)

    June 28, 2017. Only just 2.5 months ago, we released new capabilities in InfraWorks (2018.0). Here we are again, with some more good stuff to share with you in this latest rev of InfraWorks. But first of all, if you already subscribe...

  • Drone controlled by tablet

    Exploring the art of the possible

    BIM plus the power of cloud-enabled technology fosters innovative projects Do you find yourself saying things would be better “if only…”? You could have a better design, a shorter schedule, or be more profitable, if only you could have...